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Free Taiko Composition Class

Create a group taiko composition via Zoom. Safe at Home Manitoba ( is generously sponsoring a project to get your mind working and your body moving. No musical experience necessary. All ranges of physical ability are welcome. This opportunity is available for Manitoba residents only and is limited to ten participants per session. The sessions will be facilitated by Fubuki Daiko co-founder, Hiroshi Koshiyama. 


Choose one of three options — 

  • Six 60-minute sessions (weekly) starting on Saturday, February 6 at 11 am 

  • Six 60-minute sessions (weekly) starting on Thursday, February 11 at 6:30 pm. 

  • Four 90-minute sessions (every other week) starting on Monday, February 8 at 7 pm (this will be a slightly more intensive program. Some musical experience recommended)


What to expect —


  • Participants will first get to know each other and get an introduction to the background of taiko (Japanese drumming). This will be followed by instruction in the oral method of learning the music, some basic patterns, and practice keeping a steady backbeat rhythm. This will be the focus of the first 1-2 sessions.

  • Participants will next be asked to come up with a simple line of music as homework. Subsequent sessions will be devoted to learning and practicing each other’s patterns. 

  • Participants will record themselves playing their lines with a metronome (there is a simple google metronome available for free). If you have difficulty doing this, I can record your line for you. From these recordings, I will create a video dubbing in actual taiko drum sounds to produce a unique song which we can all play along with as the culmination of the project.

Here is a link to very short sample


What you will need — 

  • Hitting surface (drum pad,  pillow, a pot, your own body, etc)

  • Sticks (optional - you can also your your hands, spoons, chopsticks, etc)

  • Pen and paper for note taking (optional)

  • A computer or smart phone which can access Zoom. I will send a Zoom link a few days before the first session.


For a full body experience, you can purchase taiko sticks (they can be found at Long and McQuade on Pembina or you can make your own out of 3/4” dowels). You may also choose to make your own practice taiko from a Rubbermaid garbage can and packing tape. Instructions can be sent to those who would like to go this route. 


Just a reminder that this is a free course sponsored by Safe at Home Manitoba. Space is limited to 10 people per session and registration will be on a first come first served basis. If you register but later find you are unable to commit to all of your sessions, please notify us immediately so your space may be made available to someone else. Feel free to pass this email along to anyone else you think may be interested.


Please register by calling or e-mailing me at:

Please note that this is not a formal taiko workshop. While providing a brief introduction to the art form, it is more of a creative arts project. If you are interested in hands-on workshops, which we are currently unable to provide because they require face-to-face gathering, contact us and we can place you on our waiting list. 

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