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Hiroshi Koshiyama

Hiroshi Koshiyama was born in San Francisco and currently lives in Winnipeg, MB. He was formally trained by Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, founder of the San Francisco Taiko Dojo and the father of North American taiko drumming. As a Taiko Dojo member, he toured in the United States, appeared in Philip Kaufman's feature film Rising Sun, and performed on the film's soundtrack. After performing with the SF Taiko Dojo at Carnegie Hall in 1994, he moved to Winnipeg with his partner, Naomi Guilbert, and formed Fubuki Daiko. Koshiyama is the only Canadian formally trained in the art of the Japanese Lion Dance by world renowned lion dancer, Nosuke Akiyama. He continues to teach and is one of the group's principal composers and manager.

Photo by Grajewski Foto


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